Shipping & Returns Policies

Shipping Policy:

I will be shipping every Mondays + Fridays. First Class Mail will wait 2-3 days to receive their packages after I ship it. Priority Mail (this doesn't depend on how much you spend on shipping, it depends on the weight of the package) will wait 1 day.

“Sent Back” Package Policy:

If for any reason your package gets sent back to me because of “insufficient address” (meaning you forgot to put your Apt # or an incomplete address) , I won't be able to send the products again until you pay for the shipping total. Understand that I am a small business, so when your package gets lost, sending you the products again while covering the shipping payment is unfortunately not in my budget because as a reminder, this is my full time job and I don’t work for free. Hopefully everyone receives their packages with no problem! Reminder: always double check your address before placing an order or else you will have to re-pay for shipping when it gets sent back.

If this ends up being your situation, you can contact me via email:

"Delivered" But Not Truly Delivered Policy:

This will only make sense if this has happened to you. When you track your package and it says it got "delivered" but when you go check your mail box and it's not there, I know the feeling of disappointment. I say give it a week or two while also contacting USPS. I have no control over what happens after I ship your package. But if this happens to you, give it time to actually deliver because everything is backed up with USPS due to the pandemic. So, don't panic right away.

If after 2 weeks it doesn't arrive, I will be giving you a 50% OFF of your next entire purchase as your refund. Please understand that this is my full time job and I can’t resend products that I worked on, for free because of something I have no control over (the package after it has been shipped to the correct address).

Purchasing Terms & Return Policy for Physical Items:

I won’t be doing refunds since I already have all of my policies in place.

I won’t be accepting returns unless it is untouched/ unused and doesn’t include the Healing Mask. Returns and exchanges will only be accepted 5-10 days after your product is delivered. I’d appreciate nothing longer than those given days considering that I like maintaining fresh batches.

For any questions, doubts, or concerns, you can always email me at: