Starting 2021 With A Thank You

Starting 2021 With A Thank You

Starting The New Year With A Thank You


It’s been a long interesting journey with SelfMadeCare for the year of 2020. Let me show you guys a quick short timeline of great things I personally have achieved with my business with the help of you all. 


January 2020: I launched my website for SelfMadeCare!

March 2020: My business was discovered by hundreds of people which increased my relationships with you all + sales.

June 2020: I sold 402 Healing Butters. INSANE.

October 2020: I rebranded which are the labels you now see today.

December 2020: I moved out of NYC! I also ended off the year with such amazing loyal people to my brand, I couldn’t be any happier. 


Let’s talk about the new year now. 


As 2021 unfolds, I have some habits I’d like to implement for the new year. I’m going to share them with you all in hopes to inspire you to set your own. Sometimes starting the new year with a new mindset + vision really sets the tone to how your year will turn out. In my journal, some of my goals are: meditate + journal more often, be more consistent with my content for instagram and youtube, increase my income, and focus on my personal self care. 


I truly just wanted to start the year thanking each and everyone of you. My life did a 360 ever since I opened up my website and decided to share my creativity with the world. A year ago I thought I wanted a different career path. But this moment where I am at, it is exactly where I’m supposed to be. 


Thank you all for being you and supporting a 17 year old Latina from NYC. May this year be full of hard work, gratitude, and soulful moments we can all enjoy.


Eternally thankful, 


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