Q&A: Gentle Hydrating Facial Wash Edition

Hello Beautiful!
I hope you are having an awesome day thus far! I'll be answering some questions that I often get from you all in order to clarify the purpose of our newest facial cleanser!
1. Is it oily skin safe?
It is oily skin safe meaning that the ingredients won't clog your pores. But it is a very hydrating cleanser. It won't leave your skin feeling squeaky clean, specially for someone who has oily skin. So, what I recommend to do is to use this cleanser and follow up with a very lightweight moisturizer such as the Barrier Repair Moisturizer. Essentially it is up to what you like to feel on your skin and your skin's unique needs.
2. Is it supposed to make a little or a lot of bubbles?
It is supposed to make a normal range of bubbles, not a lot, not too little!
3. Is it fragrance free?
Yes it is!! I wanted to make it very inclusive for all skin types, specially for sensitive skin. While I am obsessed with fragrance, I find that our skin works best without it and it is healthier.
4. Can you tell me the benefits?
They actually have a spot on my website under product description where you can read the benefits by ingredients!! You can also view the function, use, and full ingredients list as well.
Thank you all so much for reading up to this point. Let me know if you have any questions about starting a new skin care routine or which products suit your skin best. I'm honored to help you in the best way that I can!
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Thank you always for your endless support. I truly hope you have an awesome day! Happy shopping!
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