5 practices to include in your self-care routine

Hello Beautiful!

 Since I promised you all that I would be sending more self-care tips along your way, I truly hope you enjoy this email and try to apply at least one into your routine! If you are already doing anything I'm about to recommend, I just wanted to remind you that you are doing amazing and that I am happy that you are striving to make yourself feel better in a world full of often surprises..

 If you are having a hard time applying these into your life because of your mental health, I get it. I've felt the same way. I don't look at you and think the worst. I'm just happy you are still here and still part of my community because that lets me know that you are still trying. Nothing beats that!


Alright, ready? let's get on to the tips:


Tip #1: Wear your SPF as if its the only thing keeping you alive. Some people hate the texture or feeling of it, but I promise is because they still probably haven't found the right one for them. There's a sunscreen out there for everyone!!


Tip #2: Find a way to relieve your stress. Stress always finds a way to get to us whether it is through our joints, stomach, anxiety, or skin. The effects could be quite epic. But finding a hobby such as writing, making time to watch your fav shows, etc, could make much more of an impact on your every day life than you could ever imagine.


Tip #3: Get enough sleep or a try a different "sleeping hours" routine to see which one suits you best and has you feeling calmer and more positive. If you always wake up at 10 A.M., try waking up at 8 A.M. to see how you feel.


Tip #4: Educate yourself on a topic you know you have a slight interest on; whether it is about self-improvement, stocks, music, the list goes on. Learning something new will have you something to look forward to every day without even realizing it!


Tip #5: Have you ever considered tapping into your spiritual side? It is life changing. Tap into it, learn your magic, pray to whoever or whatever you believe in. It will allow you to discover more about yourself than you have ever known in your entire existence. 


I hope you enjoyed reading these tips! I truly enjoyed giving them away because I honestly love trying to help others to feel better, improve themselves, and thrive!! 


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Thank you always for your endless support. I truly hope you have an awesome day! Happy shopping!

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